Cobb County Probation: Everything You Need to Know

In Cobb County, probation is an option for resolution in some criminal cases, or it may be required after release from jail. Violating probation has severe consequences, including increased prison time. 

If you have received probation in Cobb County, it’s crucial to know your conditions of probation or requirements to avoid committing any violations. As a passionate legal advocate, The Waltman Firm is dedicated to being your resource for information, guidance, and clarity to help you navigate your probation in Cobb County.

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Understanding Cobb County Probation

Probation allows you to serve a sentence under the supervision of a probation officer instead of serving time in prison. There are two types of probation sentences: the first allows you to serve your sentence without stepping foot in jail. The second type of probation is a “split sentence,” which divides your sentence by serving jail time followed by a period of probation.


Conditions of Probation

In Cobb County, you must meet certain conditions or requirements as defined by a judge. There are typically two sets of conditions ordered by the court – General Conditions and Special Conditions. A judge may sentence both with requirements you must meet as part of your probation.

What are the General Conditions of Probation?

Probation conditions vary greatly by county and jurisdiction; however, typical conditions in Cobb County include:

  • Avoid violating the laws of any governmental unit.
  • Avoid abuse of illicit substances including alcohol intoxication and dangerous drug abuse.
  • Report to your probation officer as directed by your sentence.
  • Faithfully maintain suitable employment.
  • Maintain your current address within the jurisdiction of the Court.
  • Avoid traveling out of state without prior permission from your supervisor.
  • Support your legal dependents to the best of your ability.


What are Special Conditions of Probation?

Your sentence may include a second set of requirements called Special Conditions of Probation. Like General Conditions, Special Conditions vary depending on jurisdiction and the circumstances of your particular case.

Typical examples include:

  • Participate in a defensive driving course.
  • Attend a DUI class.
  • Submit to regular drug testing and follow any directed treatment.
  • Submit to an evaluation for deviant behavior including anger and violence, sexual deviancy, or other special needs counseling and follow any treatment as directed.
  • Pay fines as directed by the court, which may include restitution fees and monthly probation supervision fees.
  • Avoid contact with certain individuals or prohibited places as directed.
  • Undergo a set number of community service hours.

An experienced attorney can negotiate the conditions of your sentence. At The Waltman Firm, we fight to win because we know a fair and just resolution is worth it for you, your family, and your future.

Where Is the Cobb County Probation Office Located?

Once you receive probation in Cobb County, you must report in-person to the appropriate office according to your sentence.


Sentence Enforcement Unit Intake Office

For misdemeanor cases sentenced in the Cobb County State Court, you must report to the Sentence Enforcement Unit Intake Office.

The Sentence Enforcement Unit Intake Office is located on the second floor of the Cobb County State Court Building at 12 East Park Square, Marietta, Georgia.

The office is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


Marietta Municipal Court Probation

For probation sentences of local ordinance violations, probationers must report to the Marietta Municipal Court Probation at 240 Lemon Street, Marietta, Georgia.

The office hours of the Probation Department are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Cobb County Probation Records and Early Discharge

Defendants may reduce their probation period if they meet certain requirements, including maintaining a clean record. This could lead to qualifying for an early discharge after three years, or two years in some cases – regardless of the original probation term. 

The requirements for early discharge include:

  • Meeting all conditions of probation.
  • Completing restitution.
  • No “split sentence”.
  • No prior felony convictions.
  • A conviction for an OCGA 42-8-21 offense.

Need to keep track of your probation? The Cobb County Clerk of Superior Court offers an online database of probation records to help you track down your public information. In many cases, defendants may have an arrest warrant due to a probation violation and may want to clear their records to avoid ending up in jail. 

Penalties for a Cobb County Probation Violation

If you violate any terms of probation, your probation officer will forward the matter to the district attorney and schedule your case for a probation revocation hearing. The judge that sentenced the probation will review your case. If you’re determined to be in violation of probation (VOP), the judge will issue a warrant for your arrest. 

Working with an experienced criminal attorney can help you quickly resolve your case. At The Waltman Firm, we’ll work tirelessly to keep you from serving jail time.


What Is the Cobb County Probation Report Number?

Do you have questions about your probation? Contact the Cobb County State Court at (770) 427-2952. 

You can also contact your probation officer for detailed information regarding your conditions of probation, reporting procedures, and early discharge requirements for your specific case. However, they cannot offer legal advice, so be sure to contact an attorney if you need assistance.

Cobb County Probation Payments

Most probationers are required to pay criminal fines, monthly supervision fees, and court costs as part of their sentence. Other regular costs include things like DUI school, counseling and treatments, and drug tests. These costs can quickly add up, and failure to make payments can result in a violation of probation. 

To avoid a probation violation, probationers must send restitution payments and associated fees to the Cobb County State Court Clerk. Acceptable payments include money orders and cashier’s checks or online through the Georgia Probation Management website. Contact your probation officer to find out the exact amounts you owe.


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