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A Guide to Choosing an Armed Robbery Defense Attorney in Marietta GA

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What Is the Definition of Armed Robbery? 

Armed robbery occurs when someone takes or tries to take anything of value by force using a gun, a weapon system, or an object resembling a weapon is an armed robbery.

The threat of a weapon is also sufficient for an armed robbery conviction, regardless of whether the perpetrator actually had one. Armed robbery can happen on the street when unsuspecting people are held up at gunpoint, at a business, like a convenience store, bank, or even your home.

If you need legal representation to protect your rights against an armed robbery charge and other theft crimes, consulting with a Marietta protective order defense attorney could be helpful in getting a favorable outcome.

What Are the Possible Armed Robbery Sentences Under Georgia Law?

Armed robbery in Georgia can result in severe criminal penalties, including a required sentence of 10 to 20 years in prison or even life imprisonment in extreme cases. 

A person convicted of armed robbery is required by law to serve at least ten years in jail. 

In Georgia, defendants who steal a controlled substance from a pharmacy or dispensary by armed robbery face specific penalties. The minimum punishment for a criminal who intentionally injures anyone in these circumstances is 15 years.

Whatever the circumstances, an experienced Marietta criminal defense attorney can help you get familiar with the legal proceedings and can potentially help you protect your rights.

What Are Aggravating Factors?

In the case of armed robbery punishment, aggravating conditions increase the severity or culpability of the crime. There are several aggravating conditions in the case of armed robbery punishment.

At sentencing, the judge will consider the facts and situational factors of the armed robbery, including:

  • The defendant’s past criminal history including any pending charges
  • Recidivism, which is the likelihood to re-offend
  • Defendant’s lack of remorse
  • Amount of harm to the victim, if any
  • Committing the crime in front of a child

To fight an armed robbery charge and protect your rights in court, you can seek an experienced felony lawyer in Marietta, Cobb County, for a consultation. An experienced lawyer can help you build your defense while maintaining a quality attorney-client relationship.

Armed Robbery Defense Lawyer in Marrietta, Georgia

No matter the circumstances, being convicted of armed robbery in Georgia carries harsh penalties which must be taken seriously. If you are facing armed robbery charges, contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to get started on your defense. 

Call The Waltman Firm today to book a consultation with an experienced armed robbery attorney.