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Cobb County Drug Court: Everything You Need to Know

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History of the Cobb County Drug Court

A drug court is a criminal sentencing option designed to reduce the abuse of drugs and alcohol substances drastically. It is a treatment program where individuals faced with drug or alcohol charges can get second chances without going to prison.

A group of experts thought up the first drug court sometime in 1989. These experts came together and decided that there should be a more effective, longer-lasting solution to drug problems in the lives of offenders. The first drug court was based in Florida.

Over the years, drug courts have proven very effective by reducing drug usage in offenders, providing a means for offenders to get a second chance and live a more productive life, generating cost savings for the community, and more.

The Cobb County Drug Court is intended for individuals suspected and charged with various drug-related felony crimes, including forgery of prescriptions and possession of controlled substances. In this drug court, accused individuals undergo professional drug treatments, supervision, and rehabilitation. 

While this option is available to many drug offenders in Cobb County, it takes a great attorney to advocate for it in Court successfully. If you face drug charges, The Waltman Firm has what it takes to represent you and fight for your best interests skillfully. 

Cobb County Drug Treatment Court Programs

The Cobb County, Drug Treatment Court, is a dedicated drug court that works hard to help curb substance abuse by providing intensive, thorough treatment, surveillance, and psychological and judicial advice to individuals addicted to illegal substances. 

This Court holds its participants fully responsible for their actions which makes it easier to implement the habit of complying with and completing the program rules.

To be eligible for enrollment in this drug court, offenders must be at least 17 years of age and be a resident of Cobb County. They must not meet any of the Court’s exclusion criteria, which include a history of violent conduct, severe mental illness, an unstable medical condition or severe developmental deficiency, a possession with intent charge, and more.

The Cobb County, Drug Treatment Court, consists of two programs: The Regular Track Program and the Immediate Track Program.

Regular Track Program

This 18-month program is the more intensive of the two programs. It is intended for individuals facing high-risk, non-violent cases.

The individuals involved in these cases are generally treated as “high-need” participants because they need more intensive supervision and psychological evaluation.

Immediate Track Program

Although as thorough and intensive as the regular track program, this court program runs for 12 months. The individuals involved in this court program are usually low-need participants.

What Happens in Drug Court?

Below are the five primary court phases you must undergo to complete your Cobb County Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Program.

  1. Orientation stage. Participants are introduced to the program through regular meetings and are educated about the rules and regulations of the program. The offender will be subjected to random drug screening and must attend Court weekly. This stage usually lasts for approximately eight weeks.
  2. Education on addiction. Stage one must be completed for the participant to be eligible for this next stage. In this stage, the individual is educated thoroughly on addiction, and family members and loved ones are advised to be present for moral support. This stage usually lasts for around 16 weeks.
  3. Prevention of relapse. The individual is monitored in this stage, and more intensive education, psychotherapy, and didactic groups are still in session. This stage usually lasts for around 20 weeks.
  4. Building of foundation. This stage involves building the participants’ characters. It reintroduces them to basic communication skills and builds their interpersonal skills. This stage usually lasts for 12 weeks.
  5. Participant maintenance. The individual receives no treatment in this final stage; instead, it deals with helping the participants get back into the real world and regain accountability for their lives.

Cobb County Drug Court Hours

The Cobb County drug court’s hours vary depending on whether you participate in the Regular Track or Immediate Track Program.

The following is an overview of the schedule and hours for the Regular Track Program:

  • First phase: Each session lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes, four times a week.
  • Second phase: Each session lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes, thrice a week.
  • Third phase: Each session lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes, thrice a week.
  • Fourth phase: Each session lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes twice a week.
  • Fifth phase: Each session lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes, thrice a week.

The following is an overview of the schedule and hours for the Immediate Track Program:

  • First phase: Each session lasts for 1 hour, three times a week.
  • Second phase: Each session lasts for 1 hour, two times a week.
  • Third phase: Each session lasts for 1 hour, two times a week.
  • Fourth phase: Each session lasts for 1 hour, once a week.

Cobb County Drug Court Judges

Cobb County Drug Court judges work in the Superior Court of Cobb County, which handles various criminal and civil cases. The judges in this panel deal with more than drug issues and are in charge of hearing motions, conducting jury trials, ruling evidence, and more.

This Court appoints ten judges that rule over a four-year term. An experienced drug defense attorney can provide more information about the Cobb County Superior Court Government-appointed judges in charge of drug-related non-violent felony cases and help you present your case to them to secure a favorable outcome.

Cobb County Drug Court Phone Number

The phone number of the Cobb County Drug Court Coordinator is (770) 528-8567. This can be a great resource if you currently participate in the Drug Court. Still, suppose you are now facing legal proceedings and have not yet been approved to participate. In that case, contacting a Cobb County criminal defense attorney is in your best interest.

The Waltman Firm – Here for Your Legal Needs

Finding yourself or your loved one charged with a drug-related crime is a serious matter. Fortunately, the Cobb County Drug Treatment Court offers a unique program that helps individuals fight addiction and get back on track.

Contact The Waltman Firm for dedicated and personalized attention if you or someone you love needs legal assistance related to drug-related charges. Our experienced Cobb County criminal defense attorneys have a strong track record of success and are devoted to helping clients get the best possible outcome in their cases.

Schedule a consultation today to learn how we can help you with your legal needs, whether navigating the Drug Court or fighting drug charges in Court. We’re here for you every step of the way. Call 770.284.8130 to schedule a consultation to discuss your charges and eligibility to participate in the Cobb County Drug Treatment Court.