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Criminal Attorney in Dawsonville, GA

In Dawsonville, GA, The Waltman Firm is an ally for those entangled in criminal charges. Every year, people are incarcerated for crimes they didn’t commit. Even those guilty of the infractions they are charged with may have experienced mitigating circumstances. Those issues may have yet to be considered in determining their sentencing.

If you or a loved one is facing charges, you are probably worried about the worst possible outcomes. Penalties in Georgia for criminal charges can be severe. Discussing the issues with qualified criminal defense lawyers can be reassuring. The Waltman Firm can offer professional support and guidance.

This guide discusses the intricacies of criminal charges. It outlines the potential consequences and how The Waltman Firm, focusing on Georgia criminal defense, can offer professional support and guidance to secure favorable outcomes. 

Understanding Criminal Charges in Georgia

A GA criminal defense lawyer from The Waltman Firm offers professional information and advice. Contact us when you face criminal charges in Georgia. Contact The Waltman Firm’s criminal defense attorneys today if you’re facing criminal charges in Georgia. We have a wealth of experience defending clients against various criminal charges such as DUI, drug offenses, and domestic violence. Our firm is well-versed in criminal law, and we have successfully guided clients through challenging cases. We are committed to building a solid defense for your Georgia criminal case, so feel free to contact our office for a free consultation and case evaluation.


In Georgia, felonies encompass a range of serious offenses that can lead to substantial prison time. The spectrum includes crimes such as burglary, aggravated assault, and even murder. The gravity of felony charges requires a robust defense strategy, making the role of criminal defense lawyers indispensable in navigating the legal landscape.


Misdemeanors, although less severe than felonies, carry significant consequences. Offenses like shoplifting, simple assault, or minor drug possession can result in consequences such as fines, probation, or even jail sentences. A skilled criminal defense attorney becomes a crucial ally in mitigating the impact of misdemeanor charges.

What Happens After You Are Arrested?

The aftermath of an arrest sets the legal process in motion. Understanding the stages of criminal proceedings is essential for informed decision-making.

Once arrested, individuals typically go through a series of steps, including:

  • Arraignment: This is where the defendants are presented with their charges and asked to enter a plea.
  • Bail Hearing: The court determines whether the defendant can be released on bail.
  • Pretrial Proceedings: Evidence is exchanged, and both sides prepare for trial.
  • Trial Preparation: Attorneys build their cases by examining evidence and witnesses.
  • Trial: The case is presented before the jury or judge, and a verdict is reached.

Potential Penalties and Outcomes

Understanding the potential penalties for criminal charges can be crucial for building an effective defense strategy. The consequences vary widely, from fines and probation to lengthy prison sentences. A comprehensive understanding of potential outcomes can help people make informed decisions about your legal defense.

How Can an Attorney Help You Avoid Penalties?

  • Legal Skills: Criminal defense lawyers from The Waltman Firm possess extensive knowledge of Georgia criminal law. This can ensure a robust defense tailored to your case.
  • Investigation and Evidence: We thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding your case. Our goal is to uncover evidence that may prove crucial in court.
  • Negotiation Skills: Skilled negotiation can lead to reduced charges or alternative sentencing options. This helps to minimize the impact of a criminal offense on your life.
  • Trial Representation: We can represent you in court and argue and present evidence on your behalf if the case goes to trial. 

When you need a criminal defense attorney in Georgia, contact The Waltman Firm. Let us provide a case evaluation.

How The Waltman Firm Can Help

Whether you need to choose a criminal defense attorney for your first offense or probation violations, a GA law office like The Waltman Firm can help.

Skilled First Offense Attorney

The Waltman Firm takes pride in its success in defending clients facing their first criminal charges. Understanding the complexities of initial accusations is vital. Our skilled first offense attorney can guide you through the process with skill.

Experienced Felony Lawyer

For more severe charges like felonies, having an experienced felony lawyer can make all the difference. The Waltman Firm’s attorneys are well-versed in handling complex felony cases and can help you receive a comprehensive defense strategy for them.

Our law firm focuses on practical and actionable ways to assist clients based on our extensive practice areas. Here are some critical aspects of our service:

  • Case Assessment: We can evaluate the case details, including evidence, witness statements, and police reports, to develop a defense strategy.
  • Legal Documentation: We can prepare and file legal documents, such as motions, briefs, and appeals, on behalf of our clients.
  • Criminal Defense Lawyers: Our team consists of seasoned criminal defense lawyers with years of combined experience. We are dedicated to trying our best to secure a favorable outcome for your case.
  • Trial Lawyer Experience: We are skilled in trial representation. By hiring us, you will know that your defense is in the hands of a talented trial lawyer, ready to fight for you in the courtroom.
  • Comprehensive Legal Support: From misdemeanors to felonies, our firm covers a broad spectrum of criminal cases. Those include burglary, assault, battery, DUI, and juvenile offenses.

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In the face of criminal charges, seeking the help of a qualified criminal defense attorney may be a good idea. The Waltman Firm in Georgia brings unparalleled skill, commitment, and a track record of success. From navigating legal complexities to representing clients in court, our attorneys are dedicated to your case. 

If you face criminal charges in Georgia, don’t navigate the legal system alone. Call The Waltman Firm for a consultation and case evaluation. Our experienced criminal defense lawyers are here and ready to stand with you, ensuring your rights are protected every step of the way. Call today to schedule a consultation!