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FAQ with a Pre-Arrest Criminal Investigation Lawyer

Time is of the essence from the moment you are under investigation for a crime. Learn how to protect your rights with Holly Waltman.

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What Is a Pre-Arrest Investigation?

A pre-arrest investigation is a critical stage where the law-enforcement officers will take you to ask some questions about the crime that has happened. Most people think that if they have been called for a pre-arrest investigation, it means that the police are trying to figure out the truth. However, most of the time, the law enforcement officials start suspecting you.

This suspicion of law enforcement agencies can put you, your social status, and your future in a very difficult situation. The perception of an average person that cooperating with officers would help them get out of the problem is not always correct. Ultimately, you may still face charges of convictions you have never done.

Wasting even a minute at this stage of law enforcement’s investigation could cost you a lot and cause you several complexities that you can never undo. Depending on your case, it is a great option to consult with an experienced Marietta protective order defense attorney or criminal defense lawyer who understands the process of the active criminal investigation and can help you protect your rights.

A skilled attorney will help you find the right legal options to save you and your reputation. At The Waltman Firm, we have an experienced criminal attorney Marietta who is always ready to help you with pre-arrest representation and find a way out of a pre-arrest criminal investigation. Contact our lawyers and understand your legal options.

Making your way out of a pre-arrest investigation is not an easy job. You need an experienced attorney who understands everything and is experienced in handling pre-arrest investigations. During a pre-arrest inquiry, you could be declared a primary suspect of any crime.

How Can an Experienced Pre-Arrest Criminal Defense Attorney Help?

At The Waltman Firm, we have skilled attorneys who would help you in: 


Understanding Your Situation:

Your attorney will have a deep conversation with you about what you have done, why the police department is interrogating you, and what you know about the crime. 


Defense Investigation:

Your attorney will proceed with an extensive interrogation to find and collect evidence in your favor from the police investigations. The process could include obtaining a phone call log, driving details, or other trackable information that might favor you in your case. 


Lookout for Solutions:

Preparing for uncertain scenarios can be tough if dealing with everything independently. However, your defense lawyer will analyze your case and its odds and prepare for all uncertainties you could face.


Monitor Police Investigation:

Your lawyer will check the details of the police interrogation. He will gather evidence that is being considered in your favor and not by the police. This way, he can help you prepare one step ahead of the police. 


Legal Representation:

Once you have started working with a lawyer, you can ask him to help you with criminal investigations. This way, you could avoid most uncertainties and get immediate help from an expert legal representative. 


Negotiate with the Prosecutor:

Your lawyer’s most crucial role is negotiating with the prosecutor not to file charges against you. Your attorney will represent that important evidence to the prosecutor to help you avoid the criminal charges. 

The entire scenario of your case depends on the attorney you get for your legal representation in court. A skilled lawyer can be an invaluable asset when navigating a pre-arrest investigation.

At The Waltman Firm, we have experienced attorneys who have been working on several pre-arrest investigations. They have helped several clients with criminal cases and have helped them get out of situations. Feel free to consult and ask for legal advice. 

How Are Pre-Arrest Criminal Investigations Done?

Police or law enforcement officers conduct a pre-arrest criminal investigation to unfold a case. The approach may vary or depend on the type of charge of the criminal case. However, in general, the method used by police officers for a pre-arrest investigation is as follows.

Collection of Physical Evidence

Police start their work by obtaining evidence against the suspect. This includes thorough research of the suspect’s home, crime scene, and the victim’s house. Usually, a detective is assigned to this job.

The detective leads the case and closely looks at everything with an eagle eye to find any physical evidence. This could include but is not limited to a weapon, bloodstains, fiber, footprints, fingerprints, a piece of cloth, or anything else that could lead them to the criminal.

Police officers pay detailed attention to evidence collection because if the evidence gets contaminated or fades away, it won’t be worthy of consideration in court.

Interviews with Suspects and Victim

Police officers also conduct interviews with victims and witnesses. They could repeat the interviews because police analyze things differently on their scale. A little thing in your statement could mean a lot for them. 

They also conduct interviews with the victim’s friends, family, and co-workers (if any). Detectives can also interview the suspect and can use any of their statements in court. 


Close Observation of Prime Suspects

Based on the criminal charges, the team of law enforcement agents and detectives could engage in surveillance of the potential suspect. It includes tracking the suspect’s location, security camera movement, and car driving to understand his whereabouts. 


Undercover Investigation

Depending on the case, the detective might feel it right to do an undercover investigation of the prime suspect. It might include following the suspect around in all places they visit. It is most common in drug cases, pornography, and other serious felony offenses. 

What Should You Do When You Are Being Investigated by a Police Officer?

There isn’t much you can do while under a pre-arrest investigation. You could be a prime suspect, but it needs evidence and witnesses to prove it. A great way to handle this situation is by staying calm and working with an attorney. 

Having an attorney by your side will help you guide you through the process. You won’t even be asked to answer the questions asked by law enforcement officials. Instead, you can remain silent and politely refuse to speak without a lawyer present. 

At The Waltman Firm, we have an experienced team to serve you. Feel free to book a consultation with our Marietta DUI lawyer and learn more about possible defense strategies for your pre-arrest investigation.